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General/Turnover Cleaning

This Service includes:

1.Bathrooms: clean and sanitize toilet, sinks, showers and/or tubs, clean all surfaces, mirrors and polish chrome fixtures

2. Kitchen: wipe down cabinet faces, clean countertops, all appliances, interior of microwave, and clean sink.

3. Dust furniture, glass, woodwork, remove spider webs. Vacuum under sofa cushions.

4. Vacuum all carpeted and non-carpeted areas including stairs. Follow with wet mopping.

5. Clean glass on main entrance and sliding doors.

6. Check for any damages.

Spring Cleaning includes General Cleaning Plus (recommended)

Clean behind refrigerator.

Clean/check inside cabinets and drawers

Clean all light fixtures,ceiling fans and wall hangings.

Vacuum all furniture, clean behind and under all movable furniture.

Wipe down baseboards and woodwork.

Clean in between window sills.


Please feel free to make additional requests to the spring cleaning checklist( re-arranging drawers,  washing dishes and silverware, etc.)

Additional services

I'm also available if you need an errand run. (picking up extra supplies for house, checking on house after a storm, etc )


       Please call for an estimate on services offered  l