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General/Turnover Cleaning

This Service includes:

  • Bathrooms: clean and sanitize toilet, sinks, showers and/or tubs, clean all surfaces, mirrors and polish chrome fixtures
  •  Kitchen: wipe down cabinet faces, clean counter tops, all appliances, interior of microwave, and clean sink.
  •  Dust furniture, glass, woodwork, vacuum under sofa cushions.
  • Remove cobwebs we can reach. (We will do our best to clean up the spiders, ants and gnats who love living in
  • Cape Cod homes). We will notify you if there seems to be an abundance of sugar/carpenter ants.
  •  Vacuum all carpeted and non-carpeted areas including stairs. Follow with wet mopping.
  •  Clean glass on main entrance and sliding doors.
  •  Check for any damages.

Changeover cleaning does not include:

  • Cleaning inside of grill (we do check and remove food)
  • Deep cleaning inside of oven (we will check and wipe)
  • Taking apart light fixtures to remove bugs (we will do our best to wipe them out)
  • Cleaning exterior windows and hot tubs/pools.
  • Using ladders.

Spring Cleaning includes General Cleaning Plus 

  •  Clean behind refrigerator.
  • Clean/check inside cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean all light fixtures,ceiling fans and wall hangings.
  • Vacuum all furniture, clean behind and under all movable furniture.
  • Wipe down baseboards and woodwork.
  • Clean in between window sills.
  • Clean light switch plates 
  • Wash bedding 

Please feel free to call with any requests to the spring/closing checklist.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Please make sure to have extra bed pads/pillow case liners.
  • Leave extra paper towel, toilet paper and pump hand soap. Some clients leave a new packaged sponge.
  • Please be sure all small appliances are in good working order. Replace worn/rusty ones. As well as pots and pans.
  • Have the house treated in beginning of season for pests.

Additional Services:

I'm  available during my business hours if you need an errand run. (picking up extra supplies for house)

I do offer Winter services. We are available to clean, check on house after a storm and let in delivery people / utility workers.